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Medjugorje - (Podbrdo) Blue Cross - Plavi križ

"Blue Cross" This Medjugorje site has a distinct Blue Cross marking the spot where the visionaries met in secret for their apparitions during the communist persecution of the early days.



During the early days of persecution, Mt. Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) was occupied by the armed Yugoslavia Socialist Army. The Yugoslavia government did not believe in the apparitions. They wanted them to stop. Blue Cross was hidden from the road, not far from the base of Podbrdo and went unnoticed by the Socialist Army. Apparition Hill was occupied for a short period as thousands of visiting pilgrims ignored repeated attempts to stop the apparitions. Pilgrims continued to flood Medjugorje until the Army gave up trying to stop them and disappeared from sight.  From this most recent picture we can see this hidden spot is no longer hidden.

The Blue Cross is located at the base of Apparition Mountain. It is on this site that Our Lady appeared to the visionaries when they were hiding from the communist police in the beginning days of the apparitions. A blue cross was erected to mark the spot of the apparitions, which led to the naming of the site, “Blue Cross.” Ivan and his prayer group have sometimes been meeting at the Blue Cross since the war in the early 1990’s and other times on the original apparition spot, higher above. The apparitions, during these meetings, drew thousands of pilgrims. It became impossible for Ivan and the prayer group to get near to the Blue Cross because of the amount of pilgrims. They would, instead, end up to the right of the cross. After years of apparitions of Our Lady on this spot, another Blue Cross and altar were erected, to mark the actual location of the present apparitions. When you visit this site, you will see the two blue crosses. This area is traditionally a very quiet area, where the peace of Our Lady is powerfully felt, and where many find a place for quiet prayer and solitude. The apparitions, both at the Blue Cross and on the mountain, continue to take place here when Ivan is in Medjugorje during the months between April and September, on Monday and Friday evenings.


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