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Guidelines and Information for Pilgrims

Dear pilgrim!

In the name of all priests serving in this parish, I am pleased to welcome you to Medjugorje.

Thank you for your desire and readiness to visit this place of grace and prayer. May the Almighty God, through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother, Queen of Peace, reward you for all the efforts you undertake to come here!

As I would like your stay in Medjugorje to be as pleasant and helpful as possible, I am giving you some recommendations, and I ask you sincerely to read them carefully and to abide by them:

1. Holy Mass is celebrated only in the parish church. It is possible to celebrate Mass in the Adoration chapel, with the prior permission of the pastor. According to an official diocesan directive, it is forbidden to celebrate Holy Mass in pensions, in private homes you are staying in, on the hills and in any community or chapel located in the parish of Medjugorje. For any explanation or information, please contact the Information Office in the sanctuary.

2. Prayer meetings within the parish can be organized only with the permission of the pastor.

3. Only priests working for the parish have the permission to meet pilgrim groups and give conferences in the church area. All others have to obtain the permission of the pastor.

4. No one has the permission to “pray over” any person either in or around the church area.

5. If you are a priest, you are invited to concelebrate at the evening Mass (bringing what is necessary: alb, stole, celebret…), and - if you have the permission to hear confessions - to be at the disposal of pilgrims for confessions in your language, or in the language you speak.

6. Leaders of pilgrim groups must arrange their meetings with priests of the parish or with visionaries through the Parish Information Office.

7. Each pilgrim group should employ a parish-trained and qualified guide during their stay in Medjugorje. The service of a parish-trained guide should be requested at the Information Office.

8. Pilgrimage group-leaders should announce the arrival of their group and the number of participants by phone/fax + 387 36 651 988 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9. You are asked not to make any other arrangements during the evening prayer program in the church.

10. The area around the church, on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, are places of prayer. I ask you to please respect them as such, to behave in harmony with their significance and to dress appropriately, as to not disturb prayer and meditation. I ask you also to preserve the cleanliness of these places.

11. No candles are to be lit on Apparition Hill or on Cross Mountain. They may be lit only at the place provided on the west-side of the church, near the Wooden Cross. Votive offerings, religious articles, photos – nothing should not be left on Apparition Hill or on Cross Mountain.

12. Smoking is not allowed in and around the church.

13. Conscious of the presence of God, and in order to protect the atmosphere of prayer and meditation, it is not allowed to take photos during Mass and during Adoration.

14. It is forbidden to solicit any money, apart from the offerings during Holy Mass. If you notice anybody trying to do this, please contact the Information Office of the Sanctuary.

15. Mass intentions, pledges or donations for the maintenance of the Sanctuary of the Queen of Peace are to be given to the Parish Office. Thank you!

With God’s blessing,

Dr. Fr Ivan Sesar, OFM, pastor



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