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The First Day

In an interview with Fr. Svetozar in February 1983, Ivanka, the first young person to see Our Lady, spoke about the extraordinary events that took place on June 24, 1981, the feast day of John the Baptist: “We were together in my house, Mirjana and myself, and we went for a walk. When we were returning home, for some reason I looked toward the hill and saw a bright figure. I said, ‘Mirjana, look, the Madonna!’ Mirjana waved her hand and said, ‘Come on, you think Our Lady would appear to us!’ And we continued on our way home. We came to Milka's house, (younger sister of visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti), and she said, ‘Let us go to bring the sheep home.’ So we went there (near where the Community of Sr. Elvira is now located), talking along the way.

When we arrived I saw Our Lady holding Baby Jesus in her hands, and then Mirjana and Milka looked and saw her too.” In an interview with Fr. Tomislav Vlasic on March 15, 1982, Vicka recounted what had happened: “I went to look for Ivanka and Mirjana, because every summer we are together all the time. When I reached the road where they were, I noticed they were waving with their hands and calling me to come. I was wearing slippers. When I got to where they were, Mirjana said, ‘Look up there - Our Lady!’ I said, ‘What do you mean, Our Lady?’ I did not even look -did not take the time to bother to look. I kicked off my slippers and ran barefooted, toward Cilici, along the macadam road. On my way back, I met Ivan Dragicevic and Ivan Ivankovic. They were picking apples, and asked me if I wanted some. I said, ‘No,’ and then I said, ‘Ivan (Dragicevic), Our Lady - they said that Our Lady has appeared up there. Let's go there, you and me because I'm afraid.’ Ivan said, ‘Of course we'll go, but why are you afraid?’ I thought, ‘He's not afraid’. But when we got there and I turned toward Ivan to ask, ‘Do you see anything?’ he was already gone. I saw him running away. Then I asked Ivan Ivankovic, ‘Do you see any¬thing?’ He said, ‘I see something completely white, turning.’ Milka was with us then, and I asked her if she saw anything. She said, ‘I see Our Lady.’ I said to myself, ‘If they are not running away, I will not run away either.’ This was after 6:30 in the evening. It was raining a little and beginning to get dark…I was in shock. I felt stiff and could not move. The girls were describing Our Lady. They described how beautiful her gown was, the color of her gown and the way she was standing. I felt something strong was blocking me inside. It would not allow me to even look towards Podbrdo. Then in one moment, I could feel something unblocking inside of me. Something was coming out of my own heart and soul. As it did, my head went up and I was able to look towards Podbrdo. As I looked up, I was able to see exactly what the three of them, were describing to me. We were standing on the road and Our Lady was up on the Hill. What I saw was very white. I saw a gown, dark hair. All the time, she was covering and uncovering something she held in her left hand. I was not able to see what else she was doing, but it looked like she was showing something. Then she called to us to come closer - but who was going to get any closer? We were saying to each other, ‘She is calling us, but who is going to go?’ I went home before the others. They remained there five or six minutes after me. Then I and little Milka went to Marija and told her that we had seen Our Lady on the hill. She just laughed and did not want to talk about it seriously. Then some people tried to tease us. ‘You should have caught her,’ Marija's uncle said. ‘Did she send greetings to your mothers and fathers?’ My sister said, ‘Maybe they saw a flying saucer.’ This is what happened the first time; but we did not pay any attention to what people said. We thought, ‘Let them talk’.”


Source: (Adapted from The Apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje by Father Svetozar Kraljevic, 3rd edition published by Informativni Centar, Mir, 2005.)


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