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Medjugorje Day 1 June 24th 1981

It was On June 24th 1981, On the feast of St John the Baptist, that  a  small village called Medjugorje, (pronounced Med-yu-gor-iay) hidden in the mountains of Bosnia, Herzegovina  was awoken from  a simple rural village  to one which would ultimately receive world attention.


In a small hamlet of Medjugorje called Bijakovici. Two girls called Mirjana Dragicevic aged sixteen, and Ivanka Ivankovic aged fifteen, were out walking when Ivanka happened to look up at a hill, called Mount Podbrdo. Also known today as the "Hill of Apparitions." Where she saw a silhouette shining figure. It seemed to be hovering at a distance of some two or three hundred yards, she then recognized it to be the figure of a young lady. although bewildered and unsure she called to Mirjana, look its the Gospa, jokingly (Gospa is Our Lady in Croatian) without even looking Mirjana said "come on would Our Lady appear to us,  and  continued on there journey  back to Bijakovici.
Later that same day  a friend of Mirjana and Ivanka called Milka Pavlovic asked if they would help her round up some sheep to which they agreed. On arriving at the same location as before. All three witnessed the same shining figure  hovering in the same place as before on Mount Podbrdo.
It was late  afternoon after 5pm by the time Vicka Ivankovic, a seventeen year old friend of Mirjana and Ivanka awoke from an afternoon rest, and joined the three girls. When she joined them Mirjana who was praying at the time, said to Vicka, to look up at the spot where Our Lady appeared. Vicka amazed but  frightened ran off.  Where on her descent she met Ivan Ivankovic and Ivan Dragicevic who on hearing Vicka's story finished collecting apples and joined her, to return to the three girls she had deserted.
On joining the three girls, Vicka and Ivan Ivankovic knelt down and prayed.  Ivan Dragicevic had already fled,  Vicka only realising moments before when she had turned to speak to him. The children were naturally still unsure of what was taking place, but they felt at great peace and were inwardly completely content. As they looked on from some distance, Our Lady appeared to carry the infant Jesus  in her left arm, and with her right appeared to pass her hand  over baby Jesus's forehead, Ivanka noted. The group remained routed to the spot though Our Lady beckoned them gently to come closer. This was the first day of apparitions which lasted approximately forty five minutes it was now getting dark Vicka was first to leave the others soon followed. Day two would confirm their beliefs that they were witnessing  apparitions of  the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Source: medjugorjenews.org


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