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Day three Friday 26th June 1981

The third day was a very hot day and the children had decided to visit Podbrodo, to the exact spot where Our Lady had appeared.  Again they saw a brilliant white light which illuminated the whole area , even some of the locals saw three bright  lights which preceeded Our Lady suddenly the children cried out "there she is". When the children reached the place where Our Lady was which was considerable further up the hill than the previous days, Ivan and Jakov led the way on this day, the girls were having some trouble with the sharp stones which cover the hillside.

Our Lady was standing on a cloud and when they reached her Vicka took out some Holy water and sprinkled it on the vision and said "If you are Our Lady , stay with us.  If you are not, go away.  Our Lady only reacted with a gentle smile.  Mirjana asked about her grandfather who had died the previous year Our Lady said he was fine.  Ivanka asked after her mother again who had died alone in hospital, without any family member present, she wondered if she had any messages.  Our Lady's response was Obey your grandmother and be good to her as she is old and cannot work. Ivanka then asked a question given her by Marinko a friend and supporter.  "Why have you come here and what is it you want"? Our Lady said as she looked gently at the large crowd.  "I have come because there are many believers here.  I want to be with you to convert and reconcile everyone."  The apparitions had lasted thirty minutes.  The girls by this stage had become faint with the intense heat and were helped down the hillside.  On the way down Marija shouted out that |Our Lady is here .  she said that she saw the crucifix without the crucified Christ.  Our Lady was standing in front of the cross, tearful she asked where the other girls were and then exclaimed peace peace peace Reconcile yourselves.  She then said "Go in the peace of God" and vanished.  It is believed there were several thousand on the hillside this datime and the message was peace and reconcilation.  This was the first time Marinko had witnessed the apparitions and he was a believer from everything he had seen and learnt. So the third day had had been as fruitful as the first preceeding days.


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