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Daily Messages  25.12.1982. - December 25, 1982

Our Lady's apparition to Mirjana lasted 45 minutes. Mirjana states that she will always remember these words of Our Lady.

"Now you will have to turn to God in the faith like any other person.

I will appear to you on the day of your birthday and when you will experience difficulties in life.

Mirjana, I have chosen you; I have confided in you everything that is essential.

I have shown you many terrible things.

You must now bear it all with courage.

Think of Me and think of the tears I must shed for that.

You must remain courageous.

You have quickly grasped the messages.

You must also understand now that I have to go away.

Be courageous."

Mirjana has said that Our Lady prepared her for this meeting for a month. In a motherly manner, Our Lady had explained that her task was accomplished and Mirjana had received sufficient information. While Mirjana felt that her conversations with Our Lady were so necessary for her soul, Our Lady promised that as long as she remained close to God, She would help her and be beside her always, assisting her in her most difficult times. But now she must return to the normal everyday life of young girls her age.

This was Mirjana's saddest Christmas ever. This last meeting left her feeling as if she had lost the most beautiful thing in her life. Our Lady knew her pain and was there to cheer her up and to pray with her. Mirjana was asked to sing and praise God. Mirjana prayed the Hail Holy Queen, the prayer she always said when she was alone with Our Lady.

As Our Lady has warned, the first month after this last apparition was most difficult. Mirjana experienced depression, avoided people, and shut herself in her room where she had waited for Our Lady.

She cried and called out to Our Lady and did feel her presence. She waited for her birthday.

Many who know Mirjana claim that since the apparitions stopped, she has become much more mature in her inner life as well as in her character. Our Lady has been the best of educators.



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