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Medjugorje Messages 2016

02.01.2016. - Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s January 2, 2016 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, as a mother, I am joyful to be among you because I desire to speak anew about the words of my Son and of His love. I hope that you will accept me with the heart, because the words of my Son and His love are the only light and hope in the darkness of today. This is the only truth and you who will accept and live it will have pure and humble hearts. My Son loves those who are pure and humble. Pure and humble hearts bring to life the words of my Son, they live them, they spread them and they make it possible for everyone to hear them. The words of my Son bring back life to those who listen to them. The words of my Son bring back love and hope. Therefore, my beloved apostles, my children, live the words of my Son. Love each other as He loved you. Love each other in His name, in memory of Him. The Church is advancing and growing because of those who listen to the words of my Son; because of those who love; because of those who suffer and endure in silence and in the hope of final redemption. Therefore, my beloved children, may the words of my Son and His love be the first and the last thought of your day. Thank you.”


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's January 25, 2016 monthly message for the world:

“Dear children! Also today I am calling all of you to prayer. You cannot live without prayer, because prayer is a chain which brings you closer to God. Therefore, little children, in humility of heart return to God and to His commandments so that with all of your heart you are able to say: as it is in Heaven so may it be on earth. You, little children, are free to, in freedom decide for God or against Him. See where satan wants to pull you into sin and slavery. Therefore, little children, return to my heart so that I can lead you to my Son Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


02.02.2016. - Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2016 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, I have called you and am calling you anew to come to know my Son, to come to know the truth. I am with you and am praying for you to succeed. My children, you must pray much in order to have all the more love and patience; to know how to endure sacrifice and to be poor in spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, my Son is always with you. His Church is born in every heart that comes to know Him. Pray that you can come to know my Son; pray that your soul may be one with Him. That is the prayer and the love which draws others and makes you my apostles. I am looking at you with love, with a motherly love. I know you; I know your pain and sorrows, because I also suffered in silence. My faith gave me love and hope. I repeat, the Resurrection of my Son and my Assumption into Heaven is hope and love for you. Therefore, my children, pray to come to know the truth; to have firm faith which will lead your heart and which will transform your pain and sufferings into love and hope. Thank you.”


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's February 25, 2016 Monthly Message :


“Dear children! In this time of grace, I am calling all of you to conversion. Little children, you love little and pray even less. You are lost and do not know what your goal is. Take the cross, look at Jesus and follow Him. He gives Himself to you to the death on the Cross, because He loves you. Little children, I am calling you: return to prayer with the heart so as to find hope and the meaning of your existence, in prayer. I am with you and am praying for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


„Draga djeco! U ovom milosnom vremenu sve vas pozivam na obraćenje. Dječice, ljubite malo, molite još manje. Izgubljeni ste i ne znate što vam je cilj. Uzmite križ, gledajte Isusa i slijedite ga. On vam se daje do smrti na križu, jer vas ljubi. Dječice, pozivam vas, vratite se molitvi srcem da biste u molitvi našli nadu i smisao vašeg življenja. Ja sam s vama i molim za vas. Hvala vam što ste se odazvali mome pozivu.”


“Cari figli! In questo tempo di grazia vi invito tutti alla conversione. Figlioli, amate poco, pregate ancora meno. Siete persi e non sapete che qual' è il vostro scopo. Prendete la croce, guardate Gesù e seguitelo. Lui si dona a voi fino alla morte in croce perché vi ama. Figlioli, vi invito a ritornare alla preghiera del cuore perché nella preghiera possiate trovare la speranza ed il senso della vostra esistenza. Io sono con voi e prego per voi. ImageGrazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.” 


«Chers enfants, en ce temps de grâce, je vous invite tous à la conversion . Petits enfants , vous aimez peu, vous priez encore moins. Vous êtes perdus et vous ne savez pas quel est votre but. Prenez la croix, regardez Jésus et suivez-le. Il se donne à vous, jusqu’à mourir sur la croix car il vous aime. Petits enfants, je vous invite à revenir à la prière du cœur, pour trouver l’espérance et le sens de votre existence, dans la prière. Je suis avec vous et je prie pour vous. Mercid’avoir répondu à mon appel.»


„Liebe Kinder! In dieser Zeit der Gnade rufe ich euch alle zur Bekehrung auf. Meine lieben Kinder, ihr liebt wenig, ihr betet noch weniger. Ihr seid verloren und ihr wisst nicht, was euer Ziel ist. Nehmt das Kreuz, schaut auf Jesus und folgt Ihm. Er gibt sich euch bis zum Tod am Kreuz, weil Er euch liebt. Meine lieben Kinder, ich rufe euch auf, kehrt zum Herzensgebet zurück, damit ihr im Gebet Hoffnung und den Sinn eures Existierens findet. Ich bin mit euch und bete für euch. Danke, dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid!”



02.03.2016. - Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s March 2, 2016 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

March 2, 2016
“Dear children, my coming to you is a gift from the Heavenly Father for you. Through His love I am coming to help you to find the way to the truth, to find the way to my Son. I am coming to confirm the truth to you. I desire to remind you of the words of my Son. He pronounced words of salvation for the entire world, the words of love for everyone - that love which He proved by His sacrifice. But even today, many of my children do not know Him, they do not want to come to know Him, they are indifferent. Because of their indifference my heart suffers painfully. My Son has always been in the Father. By being born on earth He brought the divine and from me received the human. With Him the word came among us. With Him came the light of the world which penetrates hearts, illuminates them and fills them with love and consolation. My children, all those who love my Son can see Him, because His face can be seen through the souls which are filled with love for Him. Therefore, my children, my apostles, listen to me. Leave vanity and selfishness. Do not live only for what is earthly and material. Love my Son and make it so that others may see His face through your love for Him. I will help you to come to know Him all the more. I will speak to you about Him. Thank you.”


18.03.2016. The following is Our Lady’s message to Mirjana:

The annual apparition of our Lady to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo on march 18, 2016
date: 18.03.2016.
The visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo had daily apparitions from June 24th 1981 to December 25th 1982. During the last daily apparition, Our Lady gave her the 10th secret, and told her that she would appear to her once a year, on the 18th of March. It has been this way through the years. Several thousand pilgrims gathered in prayer of the Rosary. The apparition lasted from 13:50 to 13:56.
Dear children! With a motherly heart filled with love for you, my children, I desire to teach you complete trust in God the Father. I desire for you to learn by an internal gaze and internal listening to follow God's will. I desire for you to learn to boundlessly trust in His mercy and His love, as I always trusted. Therefore, my children, cleanse your hearts. Free yourselves from everything that binds you to only what is earthly and permit what is of God to form your life by your prayer and sacrifice—so that God´s Kingdom may be in your heart; that you may begin to live proceeding from God the Father; that you may always strive to walk with my Son. But for all of this, my children, you must be poor in spirit and filled with love and mercy. You must have pure and simple hearts and always be ready to serve. My children, listen to me, I speak for your salvation. Thank you.



The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's March 25, 2016 monthly message for the world:
“Dear children! Today I am carrying my love to you. God permitted me to love you and, out of love, to call you to conversion. You, little children, are poor in love and you still have not comprehended that my Son Jesus, out of love, gave His life to save you and to give you eternal life. Therefore pray, little children, pray so that in prayer you may comprehend God‘s love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”



02.04.2016. - Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s April 2, 2016 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's April 2, 2016 monthly message on the day for nonbelievers through Mirjana:
“Dear children, do not have hearts that are hard, closed and filled with fear. Permit my motherly love to illuminate them and fill them with love and hope; so that, as a mother, I may soothe your pains because I know them, I experienced them. Pain elevates and is the greatest prayer. My Son, in a special way, loves those who suffer pains. He sent me to soothe them for you and bring hope. Trust in Him. I know that it is difficult for you because you see more and more darkness around you. My children, it is necessary to break it by prayer and love. The one who prays and loves is not afraid, he has hope and a merciful love, he sees the light and sees my Son. As my apostles, I call you to keep trying to be an example of merciful love and hope. Always pray anew for all the more love because merciful love brings light which breaks every darkness - it brings my Son. Do not be afraid, you are not alone, I am with you. I implore you to pray for your shepherds that at every moment they may have love, that they may work for my Son with love - through Him and in memory of Him. Thank you.”


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's April 25, 2016 Monthly Message :

“Dear children! My Immaculate Heart bleeds as I look at you in sin and sinful habits. I am calling you: return to God and to prayer that it may be good for you on earth. God is calling you through me for your hearts to be hope and joy for all those who are far away. May my call be for you a balm for the soul and heart so that you may glorify God, the Creator, who loves you and is calling you to eternity. Little children, life is short; you, make good use of this time and do what is good. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

„Draga djeco! Moje Bezgrješno srce krvari gledajući vas u grijehu i grešnim običajima. Pozivam vas, vratite se Bogu i molitvi da vam bude dobro na zemlji. Bog vas preko mene zove da vaša srca budu nada i radost za sve one koji su daleko. Neka vam moj poziv bude melem za dušu i srce da biste slavili Boga Stvoritelja koji vas ljubi i poziva za vječnost. Dječice, život je kratak, vi iskoristite ovo vrijeme da činite dobro. Hvala vam što ste se odazvali mome pozivu.”

“Cari figli! Il Mio Cuore Immacolato sanguina guardandovi nel peccato e nelle abitudini peccaminose. Vi invito: ritornate a Dio ed alla preghiera affinché siate felici sulla terra. Dio vi invita tramite me perché i vostri cuori siano speranza e gioia per tutti coloro che sono lontani. Il mio invito sia per voi balsamo per l’anima e il cuore perché glorifichiate Dio Creatore che vi ama e vi invita all’ eternità. Figlioli, la vita è breve, approfittate di questo tempo per fare il bene. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

«Chers enfants, mon Cœur Immaculé saigne tandis que je vous regarde dans le péché et dans l’habitude du péché. Je vous appelle : revenez à Dieu et à la prière, afin que vous vous en trouviez bien sur la terre. Dieu, à travers moi, vous appelle : que vos cœurs soient espérance et joie pour tous ceux qui sont loin. Que mon appel vous soit un baume pour l’âme et le cœur afin que vous glorifiiez Dieu le Créateur qui vous aime et qui vous invite à l’éternité. Petits enfants, la vie est brève. Vous, profitez de ce temps pour faire le bien! Mercid’avoir répondu à mon appel.»

„Liebe Kinder! Mein Unbeflecktes Herz blutet während ich euch in Sünde und sündhaften Gewohnheiten anschaue. Ich rufe euch auf, kehrt zu Gott und dem Gebet zurück, dass es euch gut ergehe auf Erden. Gott ruft euch durch mich, dass eure Herzen Hoffnung und Freude seien für all jene, die fern sind. Mein Ruf möge euch Balsam für die Seele und das Herz sein, damit ihr Gott, den Schöpfer, der euch liebt und zur Ewigkeit aufruft, verherrlicht. Meine lieben Kinder, das Leben ist kurz; ihr, nutzt diese Zeit aus, um Gutes zu tun. Danke, dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid!”

„Drogie dzieci! Moje Niepokalane Serce krwawi patrząc na was w grzechu i w grzesznych obyczajach. Wzywam was, powróćcie do Boga i modlitwy, aby było wam dobrze na ziemi. Bóg przeze mnie wzywa was, aby wasze serca były nadzieją i radością dla wszystkich, którzy są daleko. Niech moje wezwanie będzie lekarstwem dla waszej duszy i serca, abyście wysławiali Boga Stworzyciela, który was kocha i wzywa do wieczności. Dziatki, życie jest krótkie, wykorzystajcie ten czas, by czynić dobro. Dziękuję wam, że odpowiedzieliście na moje wezwanie.”


02.05.2016. - Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s May 2, 2016 Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, My motherly heart desires your true conversion and a firm faith so that you may be able to spread love and peace to all those who surround you. But, my children, do not forget; each of you is a unique world before the Heavenly Father. Therefore, permit the continuous working of the Holy Spirit to work on you. Be my spiritually pure children. In spirituality is beauty. Everything that is spiritual is alive and very beautiful. Do not forget that in the Eucharist, which is the heart of faith, my Son is always with you. He comes to you and breaks the bread with you; because, my children, for your sake He died, He resurrected and is coming anew. These words of mine are familiar to you because they are the truth, and the truth does not change. It is only that many of my children have forgotten it. My children, my words are neither old nor new, they are eternal. Therefore, I invite you, my children, to observe well the signs of the times - to ‘gather the shattered crosses’ and to be apostles of the revelation. Thank you.”

„Draga djeco, moje majčinsko srce želi vaše istinsko obraćenje i čvrstu vjeru da biste mogli širiti ljubav i mir svima koji vas okružuju.Ali, djeco moja, ne zaboravite, svatko od vas je jedinstveni svijet pred Nebeskim Ocem. Zato, dopustite da neprestani rad Duha Svetoga djeluje na vama. Budite moja duhovno čista djeca. U duhovnosti je ljepota. Sve što je duhovno živo je i jako lijepo. Ne zaboravite da je u Euharistiji koja je srce vjere moj Sin uvijek s vama. Dolazi vam i lomi kruh s vama jer, djeco moja, radi vas je umro, uskrsnuo i iznova dolazi. Vama su ove moje riječi poznate jer one su istina, a istina se ne mijenja. Samo, mnoga moja djeca su je zaboravila. Djeco moja, moje riječi nisu ni stare ni nove, one su vječne. Zato vas, svoju djecu, pozivam da dobro gledate znakove vremena, da 'skupljate razbijene križeve' i budete apostoli objave. Hvala vam”



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