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Conversion and Faith

In a time where the world economy is struggling and stock markets are subject to wide changes, many worry about the future of their family. I thought it would be good if we take a look back as the early days of the Medjugorje apparitions and refocus on the basics.  Our Lady has taught us many things in some of Her messages but never anything more powerful if we step back and look at the basics.

"Do not wait... I am asking for conversion. Be prepared for anything and be converted. Renounce everything which is a barrier to conversion." (message of Our Lady of Medjugorje April 25, 1983.

"Dear children! Again I call you to prayer with the heart. If you pray with the heart, dear children, the ice of your brothers will melt and every barrier shall disappear.
Conversion will be easy for all who desire to accept it. That is the gift which by prayer you must obtain for your neighbor. Thank you for having responded to my call."
January 23, 1986

In just these two messages we can see Our Lady is calling on all Her children from devoted to the casual Christian. She is also calling on all religious and laity. She pleads with us to go back to the basics which many have seem to forgotten. This means far more than just believing in God, including other important elements as weekly Mass, prayer, fasting, bible reading and the sacraments. Each one need experience a deep conversion which is to faithfully return to our faith for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Such deep conversion goes beyond understanding or reason as these things can only be found in one's heart. Once the seed of conversion has been planted, this seed must be nurtured and cared for daily, even as one should attend a flower or vegetable garden. The food for a continued conversion are all the basics we so easily forget which is why Our Lady of Medjugorje so often repeats them over and over since the Medjugorje apparitions began in 1981. So come on back to the basics where your soul is sure to find peace in these troubled time. PRAY, FAST, HOLY EUCHARIST, READ THE BIBLE, &  CONFESSION are all good fruits fora growing soul. Do these five things and the seed of Conversion will grow as a well cared for garden and all it take to accomplish this is a little faith from the heart.



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