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Interview with Vicka

This interview is done in question and answer format.

Q. Why is the Blessed Mother appearing in Medjugorje?

A. She wants everyone in the whole world to be saved, to live in God's loving presence. She has come to call all people in the world to listen to her messages and convert. It is dangerous to live in sin. Terrible catastrophes await those who do not turn back to God. But He always forgives us, no matter what the sin. All we have to do is ask. The Blessed Mother is calling us to ask His forgiveness now. She reminds us that God never refused forgiveness to any of His children.

Q. Can you describe what happens when Our Lady appears?

A. When the Blessed Mother comes, she is always proceeded by a brilliant light. First, she greets me. Then she says some special or personal things and we pray together. Sometimes she blessed everybody who is here. Sometimes she prays for those who are ill.

Q. Is She Beautiful?

A. The Blessed Mother has a beauty that is unlike anything on earth. When she smiles, I feel such joy! Her beauty and presence are beyond my ability to describe! And when she is gone, I feel a great loneliness. But when I see that smile, that radiance I feel I must be in Heaven.

Q. What does She look like?

A. She has blue eyes, very beautiful eyes. And her hair is black and long and has some curl. She wears a long shimmering dress and a veil and around her head there are always twelve stars, like a crown.

Q. Can anyone experience the Blessed Mother as you do?

A. This apparition is for all people on earth. It is time for all people to know their heavenly mother. If we open our hearts to her, we may have a relationship with here. If not, if we deny her presence in our life, she is too humble to impose herself upon us. She always invites us to life with God.

Q. What is Our Lady's main message.

A. Prayer, because it deepens our faith. When we pray we begin to experience God in every little thing. We can hear Him and see Him. We can really have a relationship with Him. Prayer is the key to God.

Q. So prayer is a powerful weapon?

A. Yes, Especially the prayer of the Rosary.

Q. We really don't know how powerful prayer is do we?

A. No. By prayer with the heart and by fasting, by taking bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays, we can stop wars.

Q. Is it true that you have seen Heaven, hell and Purgatory?

A. Yes.

Q. Are Heaven and hell actual places?

A. Yes. I saw them.

Q. How did you see them?

A. Two ways, I saw with my eyes, a vision, and the Blessed Mother took Jacov and I to these places.

Q. Tell us about Heaven.

A. Heaven is a vast space, and it has a brilliant light which does not leave it. It is a flie which we do not know here on earth. We saw people dressed in gray, pink, and yellow robes. They were walking, praying, and singing. Small angels were flying above them. The Blessed Mother showed us how happy these people are.

Q. What about hell. Is it a place too?

A. Yes.

Q. Do many people go there?

A. We saw many people in Hell. Many are there already and many more will go there when they die.

Q. Why so many?

A. The Blessed Mother says that those people who are in hell are there because they choose to go there. They wanted to go to hell.

Q. Vicka, why would anyone want to go there?

A. We all know that there are persons on this earth who simply don't admit that God exists, evrn though He helps them, gives them life and sun and rain and food. He always tries to nudge them onto the path of holiness. They just say they don't believe, and they deny Him. They deny Him, even when it is time to die. And they continue to deny Him, after they are dead. It is their choice. It is their will that they go to hell. They choose hell.

Q. Can you describe Hell?

A. In the center of this place is a great fire, like an ocean of raging flames. We could see people before they went into the fire and then we could see them coming out of the fire. Before they go into the fire they look like normal people The more they are against God's will, the deeper they go, the more they rage against Him. When they come out of the fire, they don't have human shape anymore; they are more like grotesque animals, but unlike anything on earth. It's as if they were never human beings before.

Q. When they came out of the fire what did they do?

A. They were raging and smashing everything around hissing and gnashing and screeching.

Q. Were you afraid?

A. I am never afraid when I am with the Blessed Mother. But I didn't like seeing this…

Q. What about Purgatory?

A. First there is Heaven, then Purgatory, then hell. It, too is a very big space. We couldn't see people in Purgatory, just a misty, gray fog. It looked like ashes. We could sense persons weeping, moaning, and trembling, in what seemed like terrible suffering. The Blessed Mothere said: "These people need your prayers, especially the ones who have no one to pray for the." And that is why we have prayed so much for these poor souls; they desperately need our prayers, to go from Purgatory to Heaven!

Q. Some of these messages at Medjugorje involve chastisements for the sins of the world, don't they?

A. Yes. The Blessed Mother said there will be punishments for the sins of the world.

Q. How do you prepare?

A. The best preparation is to pray every day go to Mass and read the Bible. With prayer and penance the chastisements can be substantially lessened. I can only say: Prepare. For all eternity, you will thank God if you do.




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