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Marian Apparition Investigator Rene Laurentin Defends Medjugorje

Fr. Rene Laurentin has investigated claims of apparitions for many year, including the Marian apparition of Medjugorje. Fr. Laurentin conducted two investigation of Medjugorje, the first going back to the mid 1980's. The second investigation included a larger team of experts in their fields. The second report only published in French was translated and published (in part) in an 06 book "Medjugorje Investigated." The findings from both investigations concluded that there was no deception of the visionaries and they were in fact experiencing some abnormal changes during the time of their apparitions.

Monsignor Andrea Gemma, has now openly called Medjugorje  "a great deceit". In response to this Fr. Rene in June of 2009 Laurentin was asked his opinion the topic.

"First of all, I send him a warm greeting. Usually, to be true, I don't like to speak about Medjugorje because I prefer to follow the line of silence chosen by the Church, but in this precise case I cannot be in agreement with Monsignor Gemma. The number of the apparitions of Our Lady is probably excessive, but I do not think that one can speak about a satanic deceit. On the other hand, we note in Medjugorje the most elevated number of conversions to the catholic faith: what would Satan gain in bringing back so many souls to God? Look, in this kind of situations prudence is an obligation, but I am convinced that Medjugorje is a fruit of the Good and not of the Evil".

As found "In the News" article #2 on Medjugorje USA this month, you will note we discussed the rule of the Church during the investigation of an apparitions. In that article we noted as we have in several article since 06 that silence is the rule, during an investigation. We find here in this article that a Monsignor has openly attacked the Medjugorje apparitions currently under investigation, even though the apparition is deserving of the rule of silence. We also noted in "In the News" article #2 that the current Bishop of Medjugorje and the previous were both of the same mind as is Monsignor Gemma, in this article.

The lack of silence during an official church investigation and the open negative remarks by clergy continues to show the proper procedure of investigation does not apply to Medjugorje, as we at Medjugorje USA has stated so many times. All the rules have been broken by high Church authorities in an attempt to destroy the Medjugorje apparitions.

The questions so often asked is "why are religious and faithful of the church so at odds with each other? The answers are found even in the election of current President Obama in that a multitude of Catholic's voted for him, even knowing he supports abortion rights. We are living in a time where many Catholic feel it acceptable to kill a child in the womb or for a priest to be married, or to even remove the Virgin Mary from the Dogma of the Church. The split in the church is clearly divided within two simple but strongly opposed words, Traditionalism and Modernism. In this new day and age arises a new Catholic who finds it acceptable to abort children from the womb and other gave offensives. We are living in the time where many Catholic want change in the church but the changes these Catholic want are not the ways of God but the ways of the world which is far from God. So battles such as the investigation of Medjugorje will continue as the Catholic church becomes more and more divided.

Though most would not admit it division in the Church is not uncommon. A very good example would that of the King Henry the VII who wanted to divorce his wife but the Catholic Church would not allow is as they deemed the marriage within the "Diamond of Consent." To divorce his wife the King made himself the head of the Church so he could change the rules. He later had his wife killed. During this time the Church split in two those who followed the rule of the Church and those the rule of the King.

April 09


Source: medjugorjeusa.org


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