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Other Signs

There have been many other miraculous signs through the years of the apparitions. The following are a few other different signs that have also occurred and were witnessed by the visionaries and others:


“On 28th October, 1981, a spectacular fire broke out at the site of the first apparition, and a crowd of several hundred watched it blaze fiercely for about fifteen minutes. When police and firemen investigated the area of the fire, they found nothing: no bonfire, no smoldering embers, not even a sign of ash. ‘It was just a small herald of the great sign that is to come,’ the Madonna told the children that evening.” (1)

The following is an interview by Fr. Janko Bubalo with Vicka in which he asks Vicka to describe what happened one evening during an apparition on Apparition Hill:


Question: “It is said, Vicka, that from the start, and also, later on, you frequently went to Podbrdo, the place of the first apparitions of the Virgin, at night time. One particular nighttime excursion interests me, some twenty days after the first apparition. Do you recall it?...

Vicka: “Yes, I recall it – how could I not! I’ll never forget it…That was, I’m not certain, a bit after ten, perhaps even eleven. I can’t recall exactly. Many of us went…perhaps some forty of us.

Q: “Who of the Seers went?

V: “I can’t recall that either. I do know that I, Ivan and Marija were there.

Q: “And why so late?

V: “Why, the Virgin told us to come at that time. We told our neighbors about it. And thus we went. Many of us went barefooted.

Q: “And when you got there?

V: “We began to pray…We knew that She would appear. Why else would She have called us? But, prior to that, something strange occurred…When we began to pray, it was as though the heavens opened. A great light shone, and some sort of balloon began to descend toward us.

Q: “A shining one, what kind?

V: “Yes, shining, but a bit on the golden side….The balloon descended gently, while we fervently prayed. It was really strange!

Q: “Perhaps you were fearful?

V: “We certainly weren’t indifferent! But, the balloon quickly descended, you don’t even have time to think, and it burst above the ground. A thousand star-like bursts emptied out of it…Someone, they claim, also saw some sort of shiny cross, but I don’t recall that exactly now…All those who were present, to the extent I know, saw the balloon. And then it was said that others from the neighboring villages also saw it…from Vasilja, Cilica,…some, especially the children, were very frightened. We somehow quieted them. We told them to be at peace because the Virgin is already present among us, and that we will pray.

Q: “And you began to pray?

V: “Yes…We all knelt on the stones, and began to pray. The prayer was never like that! We prayed and wept at the same time.

Q: “And, how long did this last?

V: “I don’t know for sure…it seemed but a moment to me, but they said it lasted some forty minutes.

Q: “And then?

V: “We told them that the Virgin behold them all, and that those who wish, can touch her.

Q: “And did they touch her?

V: “Some did, while some did not. They all rushed forward toward the spot they thought the Virgin was. Then someone was stepping on Her veil, some on Her garment, and She then departed…And we also arose then. We sang a bit…conversed a bit…and slowly went home about one o’clock in the morning. We calmed down a bit, and then went to sleep.” (2)




1. A Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, by Fr. Janko Bubalo
2. Ibid.

Source: medjugorje.com


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