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Rosaries Turning Gold

One sign that is always spoken about when discussing Medjugorje is about pilgrims’ rosaries turning gold. A multitude of people have claimed this miracle has happened to them. Many people believe it is a gift from God and Our Lady and that there are many different reasons for receiving this gift. It could be to strengthen their faith, to thank them for coming to Medjugorje, or a sign that their prayers have been answered, as well as many other reasons.

The following is from a pilgrim who traveled to Medjugorje with a Caritas pilgrimage for the Anniversary of the Apparitions in June of 1988. Her group was traveling on the bus to Medjugorje and had just begun a Rosary when she noticed that her Rosary had turned gold. She was so touched by this experience that she cried all through the Rosary. What follows is her explanation of what happened:

“Well, I had heard about this happening. I certainly never expected it, but just as we started to say the Rosary, I noticed that the metal parts, you know, in between the beads, had turned color. And I thought at first maybe it was my imagination, but my husband looked and he said, ‘Yes, it was metal before.’ And now I don’t know what it is, but it looks like the gold color…I feel that Mary is very present…I feel that Mary is here and that’s why I wanted to come. And I feel that She has done this. I don’t know how else it could have happened. I just picked it up and there it was…I feel very moved. I’m very surprised and I feel very, very moved, very blessed…I feel like She’s right here on this bus with us…The chain in between was just plain metal and as I picked it up, I noticed that it looked different. I was silver-looking before and now it’s gold-looking. And it happened like almost immediately as I picked it up when we started to say the Rosary…I noticed that it looked different. And then I realized that it had turned to gold almost immediately.” (1)

1. The Lasting Sign, Caritas of Birmingham Medjugorje Documentary.