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Since June 24, 1981 there have been thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of miracles in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medjugorje miracles, whether smaller or bigger, changed people’s lives. Here are only some of them and they all have something in common – for people who believed and saw them, they were beautiful, divine, amazing and almost impossible to describe.

Almost everyone who visited Medjugorje said that, the minute they stepped foot in this small town, they could smell roses. Beautiful, red roses. Scientists and critics tried to explain this phenomena, but never found a reasonable explanation.

People noted that their rosaries changed color to shiny gold.

Dancing Sun is one of the most popular signs that people see when in Medjugorje. They can see the Sun spinning, dancing, pulsating, and rotating. Also, some say they saw Virgin Mary on the Sun.

Hundreds of people who suffered from depression or suicidal thoughts reported their recovery. They said that Medjugorje completely changed their lives and their faith in God.

The first person ever healed from physical illness was a 2 year old boy living in Medjugorje whom the visionaries knew. The boy was mute and unable to walk. They asked Our Lady to heal him, and she replied: “Let his parents believe that he will be healed.” Later that day, the six visionaries saw a little boy asking for water. Since that day, the boy was in perfect health, able to speak and walk.

Virgin Mary also said: “I can’t heal people, only God can. I need your prayers and sacrifices to help me.” When the children asked her why she chose Medjugorje to appear to people, Virgin Mary replied: “I have chose Medjugorje in a special way. I want to protect you and guide you in love. I ask for the total conversion of the parish so that the pilgrims can find a fountain of conversion here.”.



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