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Our Lady of Banneux

By Michael K. Jones

In 1933 just 12 days after the apparition at Beauraing, Belgium, rumor was about that another apparition was taking place in Banneux. Though suspicion was widespread at first, the concerns of the faithful were quickly changed by the select few who were witness to the heavenly visits to Mariette Beco.

12 year old Mariette was the oldest daughter of 11 children. She was said to be a sturdy outdoor type with strong headedness. Helpful to her mother by caring for the family needs, she was said to be robust and normal in every way.

On Jan. 15, her 10-year-old brother Julien was late coming home for supper. Concerned, Mariette knelt on a bench by the front window to keep watch for him.

Suddenly, she noticed a lovely lady surrounded in light with a motherly smile. The lady was dressed in a dazzlingly white gown with a blue sash. Covering her head and shoulders, she had a veil as white as the dress. The right foot of the lady was slightly exposed showing a beautiful golden rose. Hung on her right arm was a rosary with a brilliance of diamonds with gold chain.

Mariette thought the oil lamp was reflecting on the window causing the image, yet upon moving the lamp the lady remained. After repeated attempts to call her mother to take a look, Mrs. Beco did see something though not as clearly as did Mariette.

The second apparition took place three days later. Kneeling in the cold frigid night air, Mariette said a rosary. The lady stood on a cloud just a few feet away from Mariette. The lady lead Mariette till Mariette fell on her knees on the side of a ditch, were a previously unknown spring was found.

The lady spoke, "Place your hand in the spring." Mariette did as she was instructed. Speaking aloud Mariette shouted, "This stream is reserved for me." After this the lady disappeared.

Mr. Beco and two sons' had follow Mariette that evening. They witnessed the unusual actions of Mariette and wondered why Mariette kept repeating over and over, "The spring is reserved for me."

The next apparition took place the follow night and Mariette was followed this evening by several observers. During this apparition Mariette ask the beautiful lady, "Who are you?" The lady surrounded in light replied, "I am the Virgin of the Poor."

Mariette asked why the spring was for Her. The Virgin of the Poor told Mariette that the spring was to relieve the sick of all nations. Soon after the Virgin of the Poor disappeared once again.

Other visitations were to occur, 11 in all. On the visitation of Friday January 20th, witnesses heard Mariette say, "What do you wish my beautiful Lady?" The reply received was, "I would like a small Chapel."

The last visitation took place on the evening of March 2, 1933. The Lady exclaimed, "I am the Mother of the Savior, Mother of God. Pray much."

After the process of investigation, the apparitions in Banneux were approved in 1942, a small chapel stands where the Virgin of the Poor requested.